What do you think are the best mice for use with linux?

What factors do you think are most important in selecting a mouse? (eg precision, build quality, comfort, other)

Price is optional

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    9 days ago

    I was looking for a mouse recently. My priorities were:

    • Comfortable (i.e. vertical; after getting used to it I’m not looking back)
    • Standard format replaceable battery, since built-ins always end up depleting or swelling and being hard to replace
    • Nice scroll wheel (highly subjective though)
    • Easy switching between Linux and Windows systems
    • Small-ish, portable

    I got the Logitech Lift. I am pleasantly surprised by how nice it is.

    Granted I mostly use my mouse for browsing, scrolling and navigating UIs. The rest is all keyboard. For games I prefer controllers and game pads so precision/high performance wasn’t an issue for me at all.