A landmark ruling may change college sports forever. On Feb. 5, the NLRB ruled that basketball players at Dartmouth College are school employees. That means they can hold a union election. If that happens, it would be the first union of athletes in college sports. In September, all 15 members of the teams signed a petition to join the SEIU Local 560, which represents other Dartmouth employees. A possible appeal by Dartmouth and the NCAA could occur, but if the union stands, the players could bargain over working conditions and terms of employment.

Read the full story by Nick Robertson for The Hill, published here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/nlrb-official-rules-dartmouth-basketball-players-can-unionize/ar-BB1hPmHm

read more: https://www.laborpress.org/nlrb-rules-athletes-in-college-sports-can-unionize/

  • gregorum
    2 months ago

    Well, well, well…

    The NLRB now needs to issue a preemptive ruling stating that retaliation for unionizing on campus is a violation of labor laws, because that’s the first thing these fuckers will start going after. And it needs to be more than just fines from the NLRB, it needs to allow for civil lawsuits from both individual players and their newly-formed unions. 

    If they want to draw the line on unionizing in the locker room, or even on sports related grounds, light practice areas, fine. But the Rest of campus should be fucking off limits, especially because most students also happen to also live there, especially those receiving scholarships and student aid, as those who play on sports teams most often are.

    Not to mention the fact that it will save the NLRB a huge amount of time, administrative costs, and a a lot of good people a lot of misery from fighting off a huge amount of challenges moving forward by just shutting down the possibility of them happening in the first place.