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  • Periodically preemptively block all the posters on lemmy who link mediabiasfactcheck to people so I don’t lose anymore brain cells than I already have posting, but one slipped through the cracks today.

    I can’t grapple with the urge of people to not engage with the article in front of them and instead go to the site of some asshole who identifies as a “non affiliated voter who values evidence-based reporting” who did half of a comms degree before switching to a physiology degree and working in “Occupational Rehabilitation” as their career and nothing even close to the media.

    Glad that a physical therapist from North Carolina has a stranglehold on what every redditor/lemmy liberal thinks of a website instead of actually clicking on it and looking at it.

  • You should probably read a book about how uranium mining has historically devastated native communities, especially in the Southwest, but start here. And I don’t know who gave you the authority to give “passes”, I would probably avoid using that kind of language.

    “They never told us uranium was dangerous. We washed our faces in it. We drank in it. We ate in it. It was sweet,” explained Cecilia Joe, an 85-year-old Navajo woman, in a recent interview. Joe’s experience illustrates the under-researched but extremely pervasive problem of environmental injustice on Native American reservations.

    Due to decades of harmful environmental policy and exploitation by private companies, Native communities have been disproportionately subjected to toxic waste, pollution and other health risks — leading to what some activists describe as “environmental genocide.” Out of all the ethnic groups in the United States, Native Americans are the most at risk of toxic exposure, a fact that reflects broader realities about the continued oppression of Native communities and has galvanized Native activists into seeking justice.

    While the word “reservation” may invoke ideas of protection or sanctuary, historically, Native American reservations have systematically been targeted as sites for toxic waste disposal, and the U.S. government has historically been indifferent towards this. Companies “hoping to take advantage of the devastating chronic unemployment, pervasive poverty, and sovereign status of Indian nations” offer millions of dollars to Native American tribes in exchange for the ability to dispose of toxic waste, according to Bradley Angel in a report for the environmental organization Greenpeace.

    read more:

    They still haven’t even cleaned up the past Uranium mines they used and poisoned people and the land with.

    more info:

    two book options: Wastelanding: Legacies of Uranium Mining in Navajo Country, Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed

  • It’s wild that they had 2 million+ dollars, like maybe these people were treating it like a job, which is the only way I can rationalize them needing even close to that amount of money, but goes to show even though they were open source devs, they were trusting patreon and discord not to just hand over their personal information, and I’m guessing that’s exactly what ended up happening.

    The Ryujinx devs also have a patreon that’s making a fair amount of money per month, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get got as well. I’m not a big crypto person, but isn’t this the exact use case for it? Why in the world would you use Patreon when you’re doing something tangential to piracy that will put you in a gigantic company’s crosshairs.

  • I do wonder if this is specifically what got them, would probably take a lemmy lawyer to unpack it, but I would have to imagine if they didn’t have a patreon and basically a company, it would have been much harder for Nintendo to do anything about them. And I would also imagine in retrospect whatever money they got was not worth it when it ends like this.

    I always assume when people operate services like this, that they host it in a country like Russia that’s less likely to care about takedowns by western corpos and done anonymously as possible. Even though it’s just an emulator, you would think they wouldn’t be so brazen as to have a patreon which I’m sure requires someone’s identity/billing info. They probably still could have been tracked down if they took crypto donations or something like that, but you would think that would be the first choice over putting a giant target on their backs. Patreon is obviously just gonna hand over whatever info they are asked to give when served a warrent, and so is Discord for that matter if they had any personal info on there too.

  • they have not blocked it and they probably won’t block it bc it involves signing in with your twitter and since it’s just an android app it’s not gonna get as big as nitter, I don’t think it’s really helpful to tell people to “just accept it” as an individual you’re not gonna be able to successfully lobby everything you follow to change to bluesky (which I think you can get rss feeds from) or masto (which you can get rss feeds from), like for example your city’s local government/services only posts on facebook and twitter, no rss, this is still useful for things like that