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    • 7zip (archive tool) People still use Winrar for whatever reason.
    • Firefox (web browser) - It’s well known but still under-used. Stop using chrome. Chrome will be the end of the free internet.
    • windirstat (visualise used disk space) - I use this to clear free space
    • musicbee (music player) - replaced VLC with this because VLC has had a bug that makes it not playback FLAC files properly for like… A year?
    • Screen2Gif (gif recorder & editor)
    • ShareX (screenshot/video tool)
    • Open Video Downloader (GUI tool to rip YouTube etc.)
    • uBlock Origin (ad-blocker) addon
    • Sponsorblock (sponsorship skipper) addon

  • Our society is fucking falling apart. A massive cost of living crisis, food bank usage is at an all time high, the gap between rich and poor has never been higher, entire generations are completely unable to buy a home, each year breaks through the ceiling for “hottest year on record”, we’re completely blasting past the paris climate accords, still massively subsidising fossil fuels, inflation is absurd, the NHS is falling apart, along with every other public service, and Brexit is not only hugely unpopular but is actively damaging our opportunities.

    And what bold, decisive answers does Labour have to solve these problems?

    close ties with business and a “competitive tax regime” to solve the housing crisis

    not go back into the EU

    not rejoin the single market or a customs union

    not re-establishing freedom of movement

    not committing to investing in renewables or other green policies

    prioritising “””efficiency””” in the NHS, refusing to increase funding until they’ve undertaken an assessment

    focusing on “””economic growth””” rather than green policy (which means sacrificing the environment for the benefit of the wealthy)

    “getting people back into work rather than increasing their benefits“

    “Deploy the power of artificial intelligence“ to help fix the NHS

    ruling out any sort of wealth tax or increasing taxes for the wealthy

    Labour under Starmer inspires no hope or enthusiasm whatsoever. They’re literally the party of, “I guess they’re technically not the Tories”. But make no mistake, they’re running on a right wing platform.

    Labour claim to be “for the many, not the few”, but that’s not true. They’re “for the money, and none for you”.

    If you want to vote for them because they’re better than the far-right Tories, you go ahead and do that, be my guest.

    But I’m not going to be voting for a right wing party next election.

  • See, what you’re having trouble with here is that you don’t want to support censorship, even though you do. You don’t like the connotations, so you find some excuse that makes it more comfortable for you. It’s cowardly and dishonest. The word means what it means. Call me a pedant, tell me I’m not adding to the conversation, I don’t care. You’re still supporting censorship whether you want to wear that label or not.

  • Until this moment you haven’t asked me for any sources for my claim, whereas I have asked you multiple times for yours. Your basis is “just my vibes” and now you’re acting like I’m an asshole for pointing out that your position (arguing against science based on vibes) isn’t rational. Now by claiming I haven’t backed up my claims, despite pretty much accepting that they were valid until this moment, you cast me as irrational, and instead of asking for proof of my claims so you can amend your perspective, you just loftily declare that the conversation is over, because you know fine well that if it continues, your world view will be completely compromised.

    Anyone who wants to see the proof can simply Google “average wage difference for unionised workers” or anything like that. You can do the same thing. I’m guessing you already have, but decided “that doesn’t apply to me” because you’re oh so special.

    Lower risk often means lower reward

    For investment and such, yeah sure, but not everything follows the same pattern. Unionising and collective bargaining is a perfect example, because it consistently has been shown to lower risks and increase rewards, again and again.

    Act all indignant if you want to. You’re giving me a perfect platform to demonstrate the superiority of my ideology against your very weak, irrational reasoning. If you think that I’m somehow hurting my cause by revealing the inherent incoherence of your position, then yeah, sure, I’m really destroying my cause right now.