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  • You can do this. But you need to use rethinkdns and download the configuration of the proton vpn wireguard server(s) you wanna reach. You can have internet blocked for individual apps, have some tunnel without VPN but DNS and firewall protection and some go through servers of proton (even per app to different servers). It’s a powerful tool. You won’t get the same protection as you would get with let’s say GrapheneOS but you are getting damn close to it if done right

  • The first thing to consider is what you want to archive. Security and privacy are not the same thing, however go hand in hand. With rooting you can go deeply into your systems setup, however it also opens potential threats against you. Adb is more secure. When it comes to privacy consider also rethinkdns or any other firewall. You can block internet access to specific apps and even system apps.