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  • If you put something on the Internet you are giving up ownership of it. This is reality and companies taking advantage of this for AI have already proven this is true.

    You are not going to be able to put the cat back in the bag. The whole concept of ownership over art, ideas, and our very culture was always ridiculous.

    It is past time to do away with the joke of the legal framework we call IP law. It is merely a tool for monied interests to extract more obscene profit from our culture at this point.

    There is only one way forward and that is sweeping privacy protections. No more data collection, no more targeted advertising, no more dark patterns. The problem is corporations are not going to let that happen without a fight.

  • The former POTUS has been in thousands of court cases. He is one of the most litigious individuals of all time. His entire adult life has been in the courtroom using technicalities to avoid responsibility.

    When someone defends him on a technicality that is the very definition of irony. OP was wrong to do this so they got some ridicule. Rightfully so.

    The situation itself is so absurd it is at times hard to comprehend. For instance, just because it has not or cannot be proven in courtroom beyond a shadow of a doubt does not mean it didn’t happen.

    So OP can take their smugness about being technically correct and stick it.

  • It is amazing how butthurt someone can get when they perceive their message was misunderstood. Herein lies the problem, I did not misunderstand rather just introduced sarcasm and ridicule to cope with how fucked the situation is.

    Ridiculous situations are deserving of ridicule. When someone takes it personally it shows they have an invested interest. I am to believe they are on my side and just clarifying a technicality.

    This guy has survived his entire life on legal technicalities using this as a tool to continue raping and looting all that is around him. We are to have a civil conversation about something that is so uncivil it literally breaks the normal social contracts that exist. Instead of focusing on this we are worried about feelings being hurt.

    The circle jerk you guys are building up to is rather momentous.