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  • Maybe consider buying hardware with better Linux support in the future, e.g. getting an AMD GPU instead of a Nvidia if you want to get a new one anyway.

    I personally have zero issues with my (relatively normal) setup. Even more, I have better hardware support on Linux than on Windows! For example, I noticed that I can dim my monitor, which doesn’t work on Windows!
    Or, my GPU is more silent, because Bazzite and the Linux kernel ship some tweaks that make the energy draw and fan curve more efficient in my experience.

    Again, I think it’s just your hardware, especially the multi monitor. Multi monitor is supposed to be fine on AMD (can’t confirm, I only have one ultra wide), or single/ dual monitor is also supposed to be almost great on Nvidia, with the proprietary drivers.

    If you have a spare laptop with proper Linux support (most ones do, even with Nvidia, Surface, etc.) consider installing it and just try it out. uBlue (Aurora/ Bluefin, Bazzite, etc.) is great for that, so, maybe check that out.

    If not, then we’ll welcome you again in a few years. The OS is just a tool, use the best suited one for your use case. In yours, it may be Windows currently.

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    Bazzite offers a variant with Nvidia drivers already baked in too.

    You don’t have to reinstall anything btw, you can just rebase from Kinoite to Bazzite with rpm-ostree rebase *link to Bazzite*. (You find the instructions on the website).

    It takes about 5 minutes and you can keep all your configs and data, including Flatpaks, pictures and WiFi password. And if you don’t like it, you can revert that or rebase to some other variant, e.g. Aurora, the Sway spin, or whatever. I find it pretty neat.

  • Wow, einfach nur geil! Ich platze vor Neid!

    Meine Mädels kämpfen immer noch ums Überleben. Zuerst haben die Sämlinge gespargelt, dass es kracht, weil ich zu viel Hormon dazugegeben habe. Konnte ich noch retten und rauspflanzen. Und jetzt hab ich rausgefunden, dass die Hälfte meiner Balkonerde aus Asche besteht, weil meine Oma ihren Kachelofeninhalt auf den Kompost geworfen hat und meine Erde jetzt einen pH von 11 hat. Gieße seit Tagen mit Säure, hab den pH jetzt auf ca. 7 runtergebracht und jetzt sehen sie wieder deutlich besser aus. Ob das noch was vernünftiges wird? Ich zweifle dran.

  • +1 for Fedora Atomic.
    Especially Bazzite comes with Nvidia drivers already built in and everything should just werk™.
    It’s very modern and reliable. If it doesn’t work with that, nothing will.

    To be fair, the use case is very demanding. Just 2 years ago, we were glad that we can play more than one game on Steam, and now, we’re complaining that our triple monitor setup with Nvidia and VRR/HDR doesn’t work perfectly. I’m happy we’re at this point, but some things, like that, may hinder the wide spread adoption…

  • For one thing, image based distros are very convenient. If you tell someone “Just install Bazzite”, they will probably have a nice gaming experience without any tinkering, because everything is already set up for you ootb.

    You have to understand the concept first. Fedora Atomic/ image based distros are built from top to bottom, not on the same level. If something changes from “above”, your install will change too, to an 1:1 copy basically.
    Problem is, if stock Fedora isn’t allowed to ship/ doesn’t have some things pre-installed, it’s harder to iron out on the user level, e.g. by negatively affecting update times.

    uBlue is basically a “build script”, that takes the upstream image, modifies it, and redistributes that with the changes included.
    In that way, the image from other users is the same as yours, with the same bugs.
    This makes it more efficient and user friendly.

    It also allows devs to make their “own” distro with only their changes included, while offering a very solid base they don’t have to maintain themselves.