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  • JasonDJtoPolitical Memes@lemmy.worldAh Bernie, what could have been...
    2 hours ago

    Hillary lost because she coasted through the end of her run. Everybody thought Trump wouldn’t stand a chance. We had more faith in people.

    That and conservative psyops getting Bernie Bros to abstain from holding their nose and voting Hillary because they felt like they were being wronged.

    Hey wait a sec that last part is happening again today…

  • You mean to tell me, three days a week, they have to:

    • wake up extra hours early
    • pack a lunch or plan to pay for one
    • put on hard pants
    • drive their own vehicle in traffic, with their own gas and wear/tear
    • pay for their own parking.
    • do the exact same work in their designated space
    • drive back home in traffic 9 hours later

    All for the same pay and several hours away from my family, home, or bed?

    No fucking thanks.

    Going remote was the best fucking raise I ever got, and it didn’t cost them a dime.

  • This is bad practice.

    More accurately it should look something like this:

    # Load sys library for exiting with status code
    import sys
    def sayHelloWorld(outPhrase: str="Hello World"):
        # Main function, print a phrase and return NoneType
        return None
    if __name__=="__main__":
        # Provide output and exit cleanly when run from shell
        # Exit with rc!=0 when not run from shell

  • Does your local library support Libby?

    Libby is an app that allows you to use your library card to check out ebooks, audiobooks, and digitized magazines. Free to anyone with a library card (at a participating library).

    That’s one of several resources that a lot of libraries provide. Hoopla, as well, for shows and movies. And some have maker spaces, or 3d printers, or loan tools. And they usually have discount passes for local edutainment attractions (museums, aquariums, zoos, etc).

    Some give you a month subscription to genealogy sites. Lots of stuff for little kids and families, usually activities or story times or craft classes. Classes for grownups too.

    Tons of stuff at/from your local library. More than just books.

  • JasonDJtoxkcd@lemmy.worldxkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
    2 days ago

    Yeah I rented a Mustang Mach-E and drove between Houston, Austin, Dallas, and back to Houston, without very much charger anxiety. And not being confined to a slow charger…except on the way back to the airport. The first charger I found was a slow charger and all the fast ones were occupied. But still had plenty of charge to find the next station and get it high enough to return