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  • Okay, where does that say how he died?

    And did you also read the part of the article where there is a inquest being supervised by a court of law? Someone is looking into it. That’s why you just read an article about it.

    Weird how this article doesn’t even name the case or give the docket number. You’d be able to go on the courts website and look it up.

    Or, how about the court does its job, or we get a source to go on the record, then we write the news article? Then, we could react rationally.

    If it turns out they beat him to death or he died from deprivation or something, and they don’t , I’ll join in calling for the heads of those responsible. I’m going to go ahead and wait until there is some actual information about how he died before I let my emotions run wild with speculation, definitely not going to put any stock into being angry at this stage of the case.

  • What is suspicious about a public court of law conducting an inquest into a death in custody issuing a temporary gag order? It’s not really even that uncommon of our legal procedure. Happens all the time.

    Seems like the case is progressing to me. The gag order was lifted two months ago. Israel isn’t some third-world shit hole with religious courts. These are actual, public courts of law, which dispense legit justice everyday without any help from lefty echo chambers filled by people rage jerking it to half of a story.

    Literally everyone in this thread is reacting to something and they don’t even know what it is.

    Nobody here is upset about how the guy actually died, because nobody here knows that. They are upset because of how this half story was framed as nefarious even though there is no actual reported evidence to that effect; you’re left to fill in the gaping holes in the story with your already existing anti-Israel imagination.