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  • What a moron.

    You’ve been so scared of this communism boogeyman that you’ve allowed yourself to be convinced anything that supports your commu(nity) is bad and oppressive. Meanwhile you have absolutely no means of building yourself out of any issue that may arise further down the line.

    "Derrrrr I’m so glad we don’t have any oppressive Healthcare system built that can be controlled by them demon-crats! "

    -guy who pays more taxes to their Healthcare system than almost any other country and receives NO benefits from it.

  • Lord_McAlister@lemmy.worldtoMemes@lemmy.mlA seemingly simple wish
    9 months ago

    I think it’s the world that’s been taken over, not by politics, but by a series of rich bastards not being held accountable for the crimes against society they’re regularly committing.

    But either way I’d be MUCH happier to wish for all the porn to be removed from my feed when I dont even follow a single porn based sub. Or at the very least make sure it’s blurred.

  • Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Unity, we keep asking why these corporations are so greedy, but we know the answer. Because we let them be.

    Why shouldn’t Google sell your porn history to the Saudis and Russians? Is your use of their search engine/apps going to change if they do? Even if it does, does it effect their sales? Are they actually going to be held accountable for their scumbag actions? Why should they give the slightest FUCK about you, if you’re never going to cause a problem for them?

    No. They’re not.