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  • I seriously doubt it will ever pay out enough to be a primary retirement method, but there isn’t enough evidence yet to say it’s likely to be 100% gone either. As the fund stands now without any legislative input, it’s set to run out after 2035 the earliest.

    It would be a long and difficult road, but I think it’s still possible to keep SS running and/or a meaningfully sufficient replacement. It’s not as though the money required doesn’t exist. It’s just that oligarchs want to help as little as they can possibly get away with.

    The moment we accept that terminating a fund that keeps people alive is tenable, they will be emboldened to do so. Personally I won’t accept it. Hopefully this generation will have enough political power to keep it, but I’m not going to rely on SS to retire either.

  • Not to say it’s acceptable, but many governments will downplay the ugly side of their own history in public schools. Japan is notorious for this.

    I think the best course of action outside of education is to distribute suppressed history knowledge as much as we can. Thankfully, it’s much harder to stop this knowledge from being shared outside of public schools.

  • I’ve had connection issues and app instability a bit often, especially with the iOS version. Part of it might be our email server but I’m finding issues I never have with Google or even Yahoo clients. It’s not awful, but there are better and cheaper options at enterprise level.

  • You are right in that stabbings feel much more personal psychologically, but I would imagine a murderer would pick the most sure weapon if it was entirely premeditated. It seems as though the guy had no intention of hiding the killing.

    I’m sure many of these extremists were either charged with a felony before or involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Both mean that they are federally banned from guns for life. I think many of these murders are out of strong rage rather than calculated killings, but they’d still probably prefer to use a gun if they had easy access.

  • I can’t speak for the others, but I’m just curious as to why iMessage’s quirks are heavily put up with. With the options of messaging apps nowadays, the “green bubble” stuff seems like an arbitrary problem.

    Sure, it’s stock software, but plenty are willing to switch off Edge/Safari for Chromium browsers. I understand that there’s strong social pressure to conform to using the same messaging service. I think it’s something that can be worked around with any proficiency with tech, along with a good argument to the social circle. I managed to get off Messenger this way and it worked great.

    Personally I’d rather find the best message service than use what everyone else uses, but that’s just me. It’s not a big problem at the end of the day, really. People value different things with their tech, and that’s fine.