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  • Oldest known laws (about 900 years before 10 commandments):

    Code of Ur-Nammu:

    • Date: Circa 2100–2050 BCE.

    • Location: Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer).

    • Content: The code consists of around 57 laws, covering various aspects of daily life, including property rights, personal injury, and marriage. It is written in Sumerian, the language of ancient Sumer.

    • Significance: It is notable for establishing the principle of lex talionis, or “law of retribution,” although it often imposed fines rather than physical punishment

  • Well, the bulk of announcements leaves the following fifteen cases:

    November - Jarkesy. This is the SEC case with three different questions that go to the heart of whether the SEC, or any administrative enforcement apparatus, is allowed to even exist - Harrington. Bankruptcy case asking whether bankruptcy courts can extinguish entirely third-party claims (a non-debtor suing another non-debtor) as part of the Chapter 11 plan and discharge

    January - Relentless, and Loper Bright. Another attempt to gut or fully override Chevron. (Chevron is the case that says that when an administrative agency such as the EPA, which really means their experts, makes a determination within that agency’s authority, the courts should start from a position of deferring to that finding. Because, you know, judges aren’t scientists, economists, &c., whereas the guys working for these agencies generally are).

    February - Corner Post. Statute of limitations and accrual of claims under the APA. Pretty technical. - Ohio v. EPA. Another attempt to nuke the EPA from orbit - NetChoice. This is two joined cases, where Paxton and Florida are trying to force Facebook to not be allowed to block conservatives from spreading outright lies. (Basically, are Facebook and Twitter and their ilk “the public square” and not allowed to moderate)

    March - Murthy. Related to NetChoice, except addressing whether the government is allowed to even very politely and diffidently ask that dangerously untrue content, like vaccine 5G injections or drinking horse paste or shoving bleach up your rectum, be removed from the algo. - San Carlos Apache Tribe. Addresses an edge case for the Indian Health Service’s support of the various tribes.

    April - Snyder. Does a bribery charge require that there be an explicit, written, signed in blood agreement to take specific actions in exchange for a specific payment to a politician or person. - Fischer. This is the J6 case asking whether “obstruction” includes things like “counting electoral votes”, or is the crime of obstruction limited only to investigations and evidence. - Grants Pass v. Johnson. Does the enforcement, against the homeless, of general laws or regulations regarding camping on public property violate the 8th amendment cruelats and unusual punishment prohibition. - Moyle. The Idaho abortion case; does the federal EMTLA statute preempt Idaho’s “YOU WILL DIE FOR YOUR RAPIST’S BABY, YOU W****” law - Trump v. US. Specifically, the Trump v. US Immunity case

    That’s a lot.