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  • I’ve been WFH since 2019 and in the last 2 months they’re trying to get me back in. I’ve had 3 different calls about it, each time it’s escalated to a higher manager.

    The calls basically go the same way each time, they’d like me back in the office, I ask if I’m not meeting targets and in told I am. Next I ask if there is anything I’m doing wrong, there isn’t. They go on to say it’s for team morale, cohesion etc and I ask if there has been an complaints and I’m told no, I say I’m having no problems with everybody I need to communicate with. Then I say I don’t understand why I can’t continue WFH if there isn’t a problem as I’m saving about 10-15k a year in fuel & childcare. Then they just say they’re happy to leave it like it is…

    I haven’t looked into it too hard but as an Aussie I think it’s gonna be pretty hard for them to force me back in

  • Honestly wasn’t terrifying because I felt fine and no they never told me that just that it was serious. The worst part of the whole experience for me was my are had to be elevated the whole time and that meant every second… I had to walk around with this pole on wheels with a sling to keep it up even in the toilet or shower and even sleeping it had to be straight up

  • Yeah I’ve lived this…

    Years ago I had a rash under my arm that wouldn’t go away, at first I thought it was just because I had swapped deodorant or I switched back, then I assumed it was now just aggravated because I was spraying stuff on a rash so stopped and was putting cream on it, after about 3-4 weeks it had spread around to my back and the wife saw it when I hopped out of the shower one night and told me to go to the doctor’s. I was like yeah guess I should, another week passed and she asked me to meet her at the shops after work, I arrive and she had booked me a doctor’s appointment… As soon as I took my shirt off the doctor gasped and said I had to go to ER immediately, I stupidly went home and had a shower first then went to ER, handed them the letter from the Dr and skipped the whole queue, triage nurse is slipping a cannula in and putting me on penicillin while I’m still being checked in… ended up in hospital for 5 weeks with a severe case of cellulitis so bad they brought the medical students passed me every morning…

    Thing is I felt fine the whole time, no pain at all, didn’t feel sick and the whole time they’re telling me it’s life threatening…

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    Yeah ok those explain it a bit better.

    I completely became detached from myself. Even in a wild dream where you may look different etc you’re still you, what I did to myself I was not only not me at some points I wasn’t even a person or an animal… was mould and ink and a single atom… shit sounds crazy stupid typing it now but it was very real when it was happening