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  • Oh my god the irony of this comment is almost too much.

    I started out this entire goddamn odyssey of a conversation doing nothing more than suggesting you change your tact. Telling you i support what you’re doing but think you’re going about it all wrong.

    You got snarky—even though you entirely misunderstood what I said. And continued misunderstanding what I was saying. Calling you out on doing your cause no favors and me getting annoyed that I couldn’t get my point across has nothing to do with….anything that you’re now trying to make me think this conversation has ever been about lol

  • Your body won’t let you throw up more than you can in one go. If you haven’t noticed, when you throw up, your whole body tenses, you’re wrenching hard, and you can’t breathe. If you’ve been drinking for hours, you have a lot of poison in you. If it takes multiple purges, your body couldn’t get it out in one go. You’re expelling air as well as everything in your stomach. So you’re starving for air, expending a lot of energy, and your airway is full of vomit. Your body knows you need to breathe, so it won’t just expel everything no matter how long it would take. Not to mention your muscles are only so strong, and those muscles don’t get worked out super regularly.

    So basically your body just can’t. If you’re puking more than once, you needed to. Because there have been plenty of times where I’ve eaten something off and I threw up once and felt better/didn’t need to throw up again.

    But also, I agree with everyone else. It sounds like you have a problem.

  • No.

    No. Like, what is your damage?

    For real. How are you not understanding what I’m saying?

    I’m saying you’re not doing veganism any favors by being a dick. Holy shit, I literally have run out of ways to put what I’m saying. I’d like to see the idea stop getting shit on by people online. And people like you, being a dick, make that unlikely. Veganism is already facing an uphill battle in the likeability/image department, thanks to organizations like PETA and their annoying, obnoxious antics. You, being a dick about veganism makes that hill even steeper. Are you…grasping this yet?

  • That’s…not what I’m saying. At all. Are you…reading what I’m writing? I literally can’t make it any clearer.

    You, (as in you, the person I’m talking to) are being a dick (a douchebag, a pissant, an annoying prick). And you being a dick (douchebag, pissant, et. al) makes trying to stop others (other people on the internet; people who are not you; meat eaters) from hating all vegans (other people; not yous who also happen to subscribe to and live the vegan lifestyle).

    You being a dick makes vegans look like assholes. And looking like assholes makes people hate vegans even more. Stop it.