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  • While I believe they answered well, the short being it being published doesn’t mean it is automatically science, there are plenty of shitty publications that care more about number of articles than ensuring good practices, and good peer review.

    The point of what he was saying was that you need to publish it for it to be science tho, as science is there to build knowledge and increase our understanding, and not publishing does not allow that and thus is not science, even if the methods were good and the logic was sound.

  • Dude won a Turing award 6 years ago, is a major player in a field that is rapidly expanding, Professor at NYU, and thus is likely part of a lot of different research going on. He may not be writing up all 80 personally, but his work and name is part of them. If it was some nobody working in a slower field I would definitely be cautious about 80 papers in 5 years.

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    Tigers also kill people way more often than bears.

    Stats on this are hard to compare because black bears are responsible for 1.2 kills in the US per year and tigers are like 34 kills per year in India which does have like 4x the population of humans, but also there’s a LOT less tigers to do that killing [like 5,000 tigers to 400,000 black bears] So like… yeah.