Self-taught aspiring software enginner (PY/JS/RS) and Amateur Photographer (A42 5G/L830/Mini 3 Pro). My Website is here (no uptime gurantees, self-hosted on my Pi 4 with CF tunnels). I mostly play Ace Combat, Brick Rigs and Minecraft.

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  • iOS is worse than Android in terms of privacy in most ways. Android is open-source, which means we know there is no tracking, at least in custom ROMs like LineageOS. However, iOS is closed-source so there is no possible way of knowing what Apple tracks, because it is fully possible that their marketing material (“whatever happens on iPhone stays on iPhone”) is disinformation. Closed-source software cannot be trusted for privacy, see the Anom Phone, this “closed source can not be trusted to be private” statement is also 99% of the reason deGoogling is a thing. GApps themselves are proprietary and are given near-root access to the system.