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  • It’s easy to install, it’s Ubuntu based which means stable and a wide variety of software and support. Cinnamon looks beautiful in Mint and works perfectly. Installing a deb is a breeze and using the App Store is way easier than using YAST. The cli commands are now easy to understand or remember compared to apt.

    Fedora usb creation is a nightmare and can potentially f up your bios if something goes wrong. DNF is also but easy to understand or remember compared to apt.

    Gnome is too barebones for a first time user whereas Cinnamon is feature rich and is themed very well. Plus great wallpapers are included. The lock screen wallpapers are easily changed and look great too.

    As long as there is no shit Nvidia card the driver installation tends to work perfectly. Don’t use Nvidia people. They are a shit, unethical, don’t give a crap about Linux company. Use AMD.

    And for Linux users who’ve been around longer, there’s Linux Mint Debian Edition which for us is even better because it’s not Ubuntu based but Debian based and stable.

    I get the latest Firefox directly from Mozilla and any app I can’t find in Synaptics I can normally get in Flatpak. Works perfectly well for me. I highly recommend it.

  • danielfgom@lemmy.worldtoLinux@lemmy.ml“Systemd is the future”
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    So are we all ok with Microsoft now being in charge of systemd? The same company made famous by Blue Screens of Death?

    When I consider this, it makes me think Linux has lost. Do you think Microsoft would let the Linux community be on charge of The Registry? Or any other part of the OS?

    Mac may be the only decent option left…?

  • Sounds like they are giving you crap hardware. Also, the IT guy should set up the VM and make sure it works.

    Also, as a dev you should INSIST that you MUST HAVE Linux available as well. You are the dev, you know what tools you need, it’s not up to the IT guy to decide what software you need

    I say this as an IT Tech/Admin who was responsible for running all the IT at my company offices. I had about 350 users/PCs to administer plus servers, printers, telephone system, door entry system, switches, WiFi system etc…

    If a new guy started they told me what software he would run and what spec was needed and I’d get the right pc for the job and deploy the software needed. Not tell them what to use.

  • I’m not saying that because I like iPhones.

    You are in the US so pixels are widely available and cheap. As is the FE series.

    Where I live, outside the US, the Pixel is not sold nor will Google let you buy it. So pixel is a no go.

    The Fan Edition Samsung costs virtually the same as the regular edition where I live, if you can find an FE. It costs €700+…

    99% of our population can only afford €250-300 phones. €700 is out of reach unless you’re single, hehe a great job and still live with mum and dad. Or you are the 1%.

    So at that price ALL the android cameras are shit, shit, shit.

    So, if I import from the UK a used iPhone 12 it will cost about €350. At that price NOTHING can touch it below €700.

    Everything below €700 is Chinese cheapie and Samsung cheapie, also known as crap phones.

  • 100% correct.

    At the moment there are tons of Ai companies all trying to be The One that everybody will use.

    But Google has Gemini and it has Android. Android has 70% market share worldwide and is offering Gemini for free to every user. That’s MASSIVE exposure.

    For openai to get on Android the user has to install it as an app. It’s VERY difficult to get your average user to know what openai is and why they should use it, never mind getting them to install the app.

    So to be the default Ai on iPhone is a HUGE deal for openAi and gives them massive exposure over the competition.

    Google pays Apple billions to Apple to be the default search engine so openAi not having to pay anything is actually very surprising to me.

    I think the only reason Apple isn’t making them pay is because Apple plans to offer other Ai services in future.