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  • That’s a lot of katakana.

    The pacing is terrible. All it has so far is gorgeous art. The world building does seem a bit interesting so I wonder if reading the source material would be a better experience. The main plot also seems like a good premise for a story. I’ll watch a bit more but it’s very likely that I’m going to just drop it and grab the source material before deciding if this is worth watching/reading fully.

  • This whole anime is calling me out.

    I spent most of my life not knowing who I was because I was hyper vigilant of the people around me and kept adjusting my personality to be “socially acceptable.”

    This is how you punish honesty. I am unfortunately really good at lying, but it’s still exhausting. I just can’t comprehend why people can’t just let people be “weird.” Why is conformity such a big deal anyway. Who gives a shit.

    This anime may have gotten me a little worked up with unpleasant memories. Still, it’s cute and I love it and I want moar.

  • I was worried at first but it seems like this show is actually pretty well written. Whether it gets better or worse remains to be seen but the first episode makes me think that it’s going to be good. I mean, it’s not exactly a high bar to clear but the representation was done right imo at the very start so I’m optimistic. I can see the internalized transphobia, and Makoto isn’t being fetishized or being made the butt of the joke. I think I’m going to end up getting attached to the main cast.