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  • I mean why? Like there are things I think might be neat that is only really fediverse capable (like the idea of the everything app, by accessing the same data but through the users preferred UIs rather than reposts of screen shots or opaque links), but if someone sees an idea they like, why not run with that too?

    We don’t have to use luckly (its was n3ver my cup of chai).

  • Had a VM that batch processed files but some reason a couple of the files comming in was causing the procedure to crash and Gigs of files to get clogged.

    I was moving big chunks of those into the host tmp Dir (only place I knew was ok to throw rand stuff) to try and catch the offending files. TMP was actually a RAM disk, so I filled all availability memory and crash the HOST system (including multiple other critical VMs) and lost weeks of data (because you know I put it in a RAM disk …).

  • Desktop computers. I know more people that don’t have access to a full computer now than I did as a kid, with smart phones filling most of that niche for people.

    I miss them though, easy to maintinace, upgrade and tinker with. I love listening to old heads talk about early computing too where you were expected to really program for the hardware too.

    Old websites or services you just ran at home like email, bultin boards, mumble, etc.

    Cars you could work on at home. EVs ironically represent a potential to return us to that time because the extreme tolerances to make high mpg ICE just isn’t there, but most manufactures seem intent to add complexity and black box controllers to prevent that.