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  • In Tiananmen’s shadow, two leaders met, A show of strength, yet a tale of debt. Putin’s cap in hand, Xi’s gaze afar, The echoes of Ukraine, a haunting scar.

    The Red Army’s songs played, children cheered, But in Xi’s eyes, the future’s not cleared. A hug for the cameras, words held at bay, Xi knows the game, it’s a cautious play.

    Russia’s strength, now frail and thin, Exposed by war, the cracks begin. China stands tall, the senior hand, Guiding the course, on shifting sand.

    Economies entwined, yet paths diverge, Xi’s balance act on the world stage surge. A pariah’s plea, a friend’s restraint, In whispers, their true sentiments faint.

    For China’s gain, Russia’s plight, An alliance of need, not equal might. Xi will nod when the moment is right, In shadows, he maneuvers out of sight.