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  • In France, the left is in denial on pedophilia. People saw it last month, this month and each year.

    France had and has many scandals on this topic and the left is actively protecting them. Matzneff. Miller and many others.

    A huge issue in France is psychoanalysis. People should not underestimate the power of psychoanalysis in France. This pseudoscience is everywhere in the politico-cultural field. In this pseudoscience, pedophilia isn’t seen as bad. A well known French psychoanalysist, Françoise Dolto, said “In father-daughter incest, the daughter adores her father and is very happy to be able to taunt her mother!”. The left still see Dolto has a good person.

    The left and the cultural microcosm will protect them as they have tides and that both are imprint of psychoanalysis.