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  • Charge him with what, exactly? He has a first amendment right to fly whatever politically divisive flag he (or his wife if we’re to believe him) chooses, just as anyone else does. As far as I’m aware, the Supreme Court still has no legally-binding ethics rules, so no matter how clear a bias he shows, there’s no crime to prosecute. His recusal is at his sole discretion.

    I don’t know if the legislative branch has the authority to codify a legally enforceable code of ethics that has some backbone, but even if they do I’m sure someone would fight it up to the Supreme Court where they’d just nullify it anyway.

  • It’s still there, and not because my phone is slow - even a brand new Pixel with no apps or Google account has this delay. It takes nearly 2 seconds to go home - long enough to make me question if I hit the home button.

    Pixel 6 Pro, in use since release… I don’t have any noticeable delay. Pressing the home button (I have 3-button navigation instead of gestures), the transition from foreground app to Nova home screen I’d estimate to be under 1/4 second. Feels pretty instantaneous.