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  • Im not pretending to be an expert in city planning but lowering the default limit seems like a good place to start.

    People still driving crazy? Advocate for a camera(both replies i got said it was the only way it’s enforced and I agree, and lets not bring a cop with a gun into every speeding violation), or for traffic calming devices(speed bumps, narrowing streets with bollards, etc) . If you make it harder to speed on side streets people are going to go back to the thoroughfares as it should be and enforcing those lower limits elsewhere becomes less of an issue.

    I’m just spitballing.

  • Ive been thinking about the city speed limit since that report came out in June. 30 absolutely too high, it should really be 25 or even 20, especially on residential streets.

    Chicago ranked 161st out of 163 big cities and scored a seven out of 100. Speed limits tanked the city’s bikeability. The report’s analysis considers streets with a 30 mph speed limit — a standard for most Chicago streets — or higher as unsafe for cycling.

    “The person who wrote the People For Bikes report told Streetsblog last year that if Chicago had a 25 mph speed limit, we would shoot up to being the 15th best city in the U.S. in their rankings.”

    The Federal Highway Administration has found that a car traveling 30 mph that hits a pedestrian has a 45% chance of killing or seriously injuring them, while at 20 mph, the likelihood of death drops to 5%

  • Private trackers have a smaller footprint and are less attractive to LE than the bigger public ones. ISPs may not be tracking traffic to the smaller sites either so you’re probably less likely to get one of those annoying “we know what you’re doing” letters using a private. Being invite only restricts the amount of bad actors(LE) that get in too.

    Private trackers also have rules around seeding and have incentives to encourage more seeding, so they tend to have a good amount of them across all sorts of content.

    As for anime trackers, thats out of my wheelhouse, but any good private general tracker should a decent anime collection.

    Just my two cents