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  • I was eating wheat thins and Oreos on the trail, broth and ramen noodles in aid stations. I was not a fast finisher, came in 31st in 30.5hr.

    The biggest small thing is skin care. On a short race you can manage a little chaffing or a hot spot, for longer races taking the 3min to Vaseline or clean whatever is rubbing before it turns bloody is worth it

    I actually didn’t sleep too well because my legs aches and I had an early flight home, maybe 7hr, don’t remember any dreams.

  • Thank you! I had a timer to eat something every 45 min, no sleep which was tough towards the end. It’s very different from a marathon, you’re going slower and it’s a lot more about keeping consistent with eating and caring for small things early. This was late in the season so cold and wet!

  • ranok@sopuli.xyztoAsk Lemmy@lemmy.worldHow's your daily commute?
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    I work mostly from home, so no commute. I do pay for 2 days/wk at the co-working space either 7 or 30mi away (so 15-35min). I have an electric scooter that goes 65mph and an incredible view on my commute (see attached from Tuesday’s drive), so I enjoy it and the chance to be social with the people at the cowork space.

  • This is pretty misleading due to its brevity, an attacker on the same network can determine what website you’re going to but not the content being exchanged. A VPN moves the threat of having your browsing destination determined to the VPN provider from the local network.

    That said, modern WiFi encryption does prevent other devices on the network from eavesdropping, so the attacker would have to employ a more involved attack (e.g. ARP spoofing) in order to even see the destinations.