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  • Then I don’t get your point, because it seems to have nothing to do with economic systems and everything to do with human nature (we like to point fingers).

    Are you suggesting consequences would be more socialized with socialism? If so, I don’t think that’s the case, especially if we take the USSR as an example where scapegoats were thrown in the gulags. With capitalism, your immediate consequences are limited to losing your job or perhaps a cool l civil lawsuit since your employer is not allowed to use any form of force against you.

    I don’t think de facto responsibility matters much in capitalism, only de jure responsibility truly matters.

  • Yeah, no worries, I get it.

    I’m a perennial optimist, so I look more at the Star Trek future than any of the dystopias, though dystopia is my favorite type of book (setting? genre?). In every dystopia, we get the same general theme of the human spirit pushing against evil, with the difference to other stories being the lack of success.

    I think people take these warnings to heart and avoid worst of it. I don’t think we’ll get to the Star Trek utopia, but I think we’ll get closer than any of the various dystopias people concoct. Humans are late at responding to issues, but we generally do respond.

    I think the same is true for AI. It’ll start as a helpful piece of tech, transform into a monster, then we’ll correct and control it. We’ve done that in the past with slavery, nuclear weapons, and fascism, and I think we’ll continue to overcome climate, AI, and other challenges, albeit much later than we should.

  • workers could just as easily jointly work for themselves in a non-capitalist setup with investors still being compensated.

    They can do exactly that in a capitalist system, it’s called a worker coop and those do exist.

    To sell labor, there must be a transfer of responsibility, but such a procedure is impossible

    What do you mean? When you work for a company, the company takes responsibility for any mistakes you make. If you make a faulty product, customers will sue the company, not you. If you get injured on the job, the company must pay for your recovery. That’s the whole point of a corporate structure.

  • It’s irrelevant in most states. So unless you live in one of the 5-10 swing of states, your vote will not impact the presidential election since the vote gap in your state will probably be >5% one way or another.

    So it’s far more valuable to show support for a third party so candidates get nervous about spoilers and adjust policies to court those votes.

    So unless you live somewhere like Pennsylvania or Michigan where votes can go either way, your vote will matter more if you vote third party.