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  • Just in general villages aren’t sustainable, even on flat ground. They will absolutely get overrun by zombies within a few nights unless the player intervenes.

    Also, if i recall correctly, the butcher’s hut has their smoker generate with a solid block above it; this is a problem because villagers can’t use job site blocks that have a solid block above them. So this butcher eventually becomes a regular villager.

    So in a few different ways, villages as they are generated are unsustainable. And there’s too many of them, there’s an argument that the world feels way too populated where the vibe of Minecraft’s world once was sheer solitude

  • I do have a backup laptop, which does come in handy for the rare case of, for example, making a new install.

    But yeah, i feel like a laptop is an awkward middle ground between a phone and a desktop. It’s not as powerful and has a small screen, but it’s also not as portable as my phone.

    Granted if i travelled more i would need a laptop, and then i would have a dock of some kind at home to extend its capabilities (USB hub, second monitor, etc)

  • See the thing is i’m not worldly enough to know what common animals in my country are uncommon in other countries. I mean there’s some mallards here and there, the ones with the green head just like the meme, are those exotic and surprising? Oh, my old hometown has swans. They’re surprisingly aggressive.

    What i will say though is that i definitely feel that way about architecture. I quite like the winding medieval back alley leading to a church built in 980 (as in the year), it’s cool; but Americans will have a spiritual experience over it because no building in the US is that old.

  • So let me get this straight: they cut down the forest, plant palm trees, harvest it for i guess a few years, and then… plant the forest back? How does that make sense just on any level?

    I mean at least i happen to know it doesn’t make sense on an ecological level as a new groth forest is massively different from an old growth forest, so the new forest is no replacement for the old one.

    Also i’m not sure if you understand what an argument from ignorance is? It’s not an ignorant argument, it’s a specific type of logical fallacy. The observation that no extractive industry has proven sustainable is a predictor that they’re unlikely to prove sustainable in the future.

  • I have all of the Billboard Top 100’s for every year from 1950 to 2009. When i downloaded it i thought that litterally every popular song i’ve heard of would be on there.

    Not only are there a lot missing, there’s so so much crap. It turns out bland generic love ballads have sold really well throughout the decades, and genuinely memorable songs are a lot fewer than 100 a year. Not even to mention all the ones that don’t chart. Sure 1957 had Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock, but you know what else it had? Elvis’s Loving You, Elvis’s Love Me, and Jerry Lewis’s “Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody”. Cool. Thanks for that, Billboard.

    Overall there’s a tremendous survivorhip bias. By definition we only remember the memorable songs, which gives the illusion that everything was memorable.

    But also, having grown up in the 2000’s, i really think it’s one of the worst decades for music. So much so that i was into 60’s rock back then, and in the 2010’s i was into the new wave of thrash metal, literally one of the most regressive genres there are. I wasn’t alive for the 80’s, i didn’t like the video games or the movies and didn’t participate in virtually any of the 80’s nostalgia that was trendy at the time, but i did prefer the music to anything my current decade had to offer.