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  • I would love for this map to come to fruition as I live right by one of the stations they have proposed upgrading to a higher speed line. However, I am not holding my breath. Building a whole new HSR line is extraordinarily expensive and time consuming, just look at CA’s ongoing project to get a taste. The density of development in the Northeast means it would probably be even more troublesome (even if it makes it more needed). If they can’t build the North-South link, then they aren’t going to build this any time soon.

  • I didn’t have a VPS with them, but long ago I had a couple domains through them. One of them had an issue with the auto-renewal and I never got a notification of any kind, only finding out when they had taken ownership of the domain, advertising it for sale. Then they wanted some way, way higher amount of money for me to buy it back. So, I don’t have any domains with them any more.

    This was years and years ago though, so they might be better now.

  • I think anime has become one of the more active niche interest communities on lemmy. The most active general anime community is [email protected] (shameless plug).

    In general, myself and some of the other more active posters have been migrating and encouraging other related communities to be located on the ani.social instance. Part of the reason behind that is that it lets users that just really don’t want to see any anime content (see this thread) simply block the instance and move on.

    I know all about anime hot takes though. I have previously professed to hating Clannad so much I couldn’t watch past the first couple of episodes.

  • Where the NSFW line is drawn varies depending on the moderator and community. If there are communities that are either not moderated actively enough or draw that line too far to one side for your taste, then don’t subscribe or block those communities. Those tools exist there for a reason.

    I would not consider the post you have linked to as NSFW. I also think that the NSFW tag has evolved over time, so perhaps my definition of NSFW just doesn’t line up with what today’s standard should be. There are plenty of anime characters in very popular shows that have a character design similar to that. There are big billboards of them some places to promote the show. Just because it might be NSFW in your work environment/region, does not mean it is everywhere.

  • I use Sonarr, but it does mess up sometimes for shows even when you mark it as an anime to use absolute numbering. It most often happens with older shows that have lots of OVAs that are sometimes listed as episodes and sometimes listed as specials, depending on the database. So, if you are having Sonarr manage your downloads, then it can grab the wrong episode if its database (I think TVDB) and the release (usually using MAL numbering) disagree.

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    This community used to be much more active, but there was a large exodus of the most active users after some far-reaching admin interventions (like this one) that saw a mod get removed from this community and the episode discussion bot unable to post here any longer. A lot of the activity has moved to a different instance/community. The reason people aren’t linking it directly is because admins have previously removed any comments/posts that link to it (including over two months of the pinned weekly discussion threads). It shows up on lemmy community browsers like lemmy-explorer though.