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  • Well so far I’ve painted all the rocks in my garden neon yellow, so I’ve done about the same as those twats.

    Oh, and also all the things I mentioned in my previous post (except run for Parliament), so there is that.

    Doesn’t actually take that much fucking effort. I can’t guarantee that my actions will have definite results, but what I can say for sure is that at least I’m doing things that are actually targeted at fixing the problem and not just getting attention so that a bunch of useless wankers can feel self-righteous.

    Certainly my solar panels will contribute something at least.

    So, what have you done?

  • Neo cons unironically love all of those degrees, at least in the US. Don’t forget that student loans are a big business.

    Non-occupational degrees give a steady supply of young workers with massive debt and qualifications that won’t enable them to get a job with a high enough wage to pay back the principle of that debt.

    This is how the gig economy flourishes.

    This is how Amazon stays in business.

    This is how the hospitality industry thrives on a deliberately broken business model.

    This is how landlords profit.

    This is how the post-boomer generations are oppressed.

    We are cannon fodder.

    Rise up.

    Become ungovernable.