My phone’s just bitten the dust and now I need to look for a new one again.

Thought I’d test the waters and see what kinds of phones people on here are using nowadays and what for, what features set them apart if any etc

Bonus points if anyone’s managed to get mainline linux running on them either via KVM or bare metal

Edit: Thanks for everyone who talked about their choices of phone, I am now writing this on a fairphone 4 and am quite happy with it so far.

  • @Honytawk
    3 months ago

    Only if you ever buy the popular models.

    Get yourself a rugged device, made for enterprises. They tend to be a bit more costly, but they aren’t fragile, they have great battery-life (although usually low specs to make that work), have no bloat and don’t require a sign up or even cloud.

    Like the Unihertz Tank for example, or the Ascom Myco. Or the Bittium Tough Mobile 2 if you want extra secure.

    • @[email protected]
      63 months ago

      Wow I misread the battery capacity on the unihertz tank and was like when was 2000mAh last a big battery? It’s 20 000 mAh. Also there’s a Tank2 with only 15 500 mAh.