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  • Warning! Spoilers ahead:

    Some example of missions/dialogues where I wished we had more choices:

    Companion questlines:
    • We cannot invite our parents to the wedding with Sarah or even tell them about it.
    Freestar Ranger questlines:
    • We cannot tell the local Rangers about our findings, for example what we found in the VIP area of the clinic. I think the people of the clinic would be interested to know so they can investigate.
    • We cannot arrest certain people, there is always only the option to kill them, for example Ron Hope (if we dont want to get bribed)
    Main questlines:
    • we cannot NOT join Constellation.
    • we cannot convince the other Constellation members that we shouldn’t enter the Unity.
    Side quests:
    • We cannot take the side of the colonists in the “First Contact” mission.
    • We cannot deny to help the liquor shopkeeper in the quest “Loose Ends” and instead tell the major about his actions.

  • JohnnyLX91toStarfieldIs it just me or is Starfield kinda meh?
    10 months ago

    I truly dont understand the “everything is a bullet sponge” argument.

    I havent skilled any combat related skills and I am doing just fine in combat. Also I dont expect enemies in an RPG to get down in a single shot. Especially when they are armored like tanks or some weird giant alien creature. People have weird expectations tbh.

  • JohnnyLX91toTechnology@lemmy.worldGamers nexus on LTT
    11 months ago

    I watched a couple of Linus videos over the years and recently subscribed. I had no idea how many videos they push out a week - that is something they should really adress. Rather make three or four good videos a week than the absolute crap content they partially put out just to get their schedule full.

    After this whole thing now I unsubscribed again. You can absolutely fuck up a situation and be good in my book if you own up to it, but Linus response is childish at best and a disaster at worse.

  • I dont think so, like I stated in the post on the subreddit, they probably won’t even notice the change unless they use third party apps or a new game gets announced (which will result in more spam in the subreddit)

    I am not sure if longterm reddit will be hurt at all because its userbase is fucking huge. No idea if Lemmy will ever be able to compete with that.