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The most annoying thing about being famous is having to tell everyone how famous you are.

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    This is a parody of Boomer memes.

    The classic meme goes “not a phone in sight. Just people enjoying the moment”. This is a play on that by swapping the words and romanticizing phones instead.

  • Some tutorials on YouTube are a LOT better than others and I’ve found some to just be terrible.

    Different methods for paper making give very different results and despite the good method being easy… It’s not the one that people seem to think of when they first start?

    If any tutorial tells you to put the pulp on the mould and deckle itself… Do not listen… Put it into the vat with the water and let it settle… If you put it on the mould and deckle manually it won’t be level and it’ll be bumpy and way thicker than you want it to be.

    Another fun bit though is that you can experiment with the actual paper itself. Ever wanted paper that glitters? Just throw glitter in with the pulp. Want blue paper? Due the pulp blue. Want paper thats better for certain art vs others? There are loads of organic additives you can put in that change the properties without removing the recycled nature of the project.

    If you have a 3D printer you can even make 3D molds to put excess pulp into and make cups and such.

    I love this so much

  • I recently got deep into making paper!

    It’s relatively simple, relaxing, and has a lot of repetitive tasks that take a while… So it’s been fantastic for reading audiobooks! I also get to recycle old paper and cardboard instead of putting it into a bin and hoping that it’s dealt with.

    Every single piece of equipment can be made by hand for cheap though honestly I highly recommend a blender and a tub. Both of which could be replaced with hand made things but like… Why would you want to spend hours beating recycled paper to a pulp which you could put it into a blender for a little bit while doing something else.

    It’s also great for my debilitating RSD because even though it requires a specific touch to be gained… Every step except for literally the very last one can be repeated at any point with no downside.

    If the pulp isn’t blended right… Blend it more… If the deckle is unevenly covered… Just put it back in the water… Etc etc

    I really think more people should do recycling stuff in general but this has been fantastic.