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  • Well I suppose the issue is that not everyone sees the obscureness as a problem. I love the Myst games and quern, but I think it would be a bad idea to change the puzzles to be different. The Myst series is quite difficult to be sure, but that’s part of why I love them. I don’t think everyone needs a guide to finish, but if one does every now and then, is that really such a bad thing? For single player, whatever method of playing that gives you the most enjoyment is the correct way to play

  • So that was a thread huh?

    Sorry to have to lock the post and clean up some comments, but I think it’s safe to say that gamergater apologia is not cool on the gaming community here.

    Please do not downplay death threats, especially when they come from a site absolutely known for sending them out. Think what you want about SBI, but to deny Gamergate and other harassment campaigns and the damage they have caused is dangerous and also absolutely does not contribute to making beehaw a safe place.

    Thanks ❤️

    Edit: and thank you to everyone who reported!

  • There’s really not a ton you need to know going into riven story wise. I’ll keep it vague if you care about spoilers but it takes place right after the first game is done and it’s basically a brand new mission a character sends you on, and he explains it at the beginning. Puzzle/ gameplay wise however I would definitely recommend playing Myst first. Riven is quite a bit more difficult/ obtuse than Myst, and can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Myst is a better starting point imo