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  • Two big movers in the top 10 this week. First is Elusive Samurai, which I have heard good things about, but hasn’t really generated any discussion in this community yet. Might be worth checking out if I drop some other shows as the season goes. The second big mover is Monogatari. I haven’t watched any of the Monogatari shows (read a bit of the manga adaptation), so I am glad it seems to be scratching that Monogatari itch for the people that are watching it.

  • The majority of my coworkers are non-native English speakers and I find that needful is most commonly used by colleagues originally from India. So, I have always assumed it is a common way of phrasing that kind of sentence in Hindi or Tamil (or any of the loads of other languages commonly spoken in the subcontinent) and they are mentally translating it directly.

    Edit: An example from my life is that I used to live in the Southwestern US and spoke in Spanish with native Spanish speakers, but I would often mess up things like word order or phrases because I was translating in my head from English. As an example, to say “I am hungry” in Spanish is “tengo hambre” (lit. I have hunger). However, I would do something like start the sentence with “Yo soy…” (lit. I am) instead because that is how I would say it in English.

  • Time for the weekly dose of sugar! One thing I like about Eiji in this series is how casual he is about things that are usually made into a huge deal in other romcoms. Rin might freak out in her head as he grabs her hand to help her down from somewhere, but Eiji doesn’t even flinch. Similarly when he gives her the button, or goes to the movies.

    I bring this up for this episode because they had a conversation in which Eiji actually reflects on how the way that he experiences romance is different than the heart-pounding version of it we see in media a lot of the time. Everybody experiences emotions in their own way and some people are going to experience certain ones more or less intensely than others.

    Anyway, we got some different versions of Rin this episode including Class Pres Rin and several different short hair versions of her existing characters. The important thing to her though is that they have started to do things together outside of the club, making their relationship feel a little bit closer than it was before. @[email protected]

  • I always somehow forget that new chapters come out on Wednesday, so thanks for the post.

    I was worried that this was going to be the end of the revenge plot as I feel like it was not terribly satisfying as far as revenges go. I still think that Kamiki deserves worse. However, it is totally in character for Aqua to go soft for Ruby’s sake. So, when I saw this line, I was pretty happy:

    Though, I had thought at the time that Aqua was going to continue going after Kamiki in some way. Instead, it looks like it is going to circle all the way back to the original B Komachi. Not quite sure how this will play out, but at least revenge is still being served.

  • We only got a little tease of B Komachi this episode and a rare appearance from Ruby’s friends at school. I had kind of forgotten how far Ruby and Mem get pushed into the background during this arc (not to mention manager mom of my heart Miyako).

    We got to see Aqua’s eyes opened up to the potential of theater this week with Akane being his theater sherpa. He is about to pay it forward to Abiko-sensei to help Goa’s name. Akane’s undercover look is perfect for the [email protected] fans out there (@[email protected]):

    I am looking forward to getting this show back on the road and clearing up the miscommunications between Abiko-sensei and Goa. Also, if Kana isn’t rehearsing, then she is just going to be pouting all the time, so she needs something to do.

  • Alright. I don’t think it takes Sherlock Holmes to be able to read the signs that Alya’s sister is actually the girl that Masachika talked with as a kid. Let’s look at the signs:

    • Looking at her locket of Sa-kun, we see a picture of a kid whose face is obscured by glare, but whose hair looks suspiciously Masachika-like (also sa is one of the kana used in his name, so sa-kun very well could have been a Russian-style nickname like Alya is)

    • When she meets Masachika for the first time this episode, her brain stops functioning for a bit as he clearly was recognizable to her in some way.
    • When she hugged him in the tea store, it sparked a nostalgic, comforting feeling in Masachika.

    This is setting up to be a love triangle with a pair of sisters. Also, this airs on the same day of the week as that other show that features a love triangle with a pair of sisters. Coinicidence? I think not!

    Anyway, we got some more background on how Suou and Masachika ended up separated. Still not sure why they are keeping their familial relationship a secret, but we might get there before too long. Also of note this episode, the fan service was completely absent compared to the past two.

    @[email protected]

  • Another episode told solely from the twins’ perspectives. I get the feeling that they are going to save up Jun’s POV for a later episode and we get to see how he is feeling through all of these experiences later. Or, it could be interesting if they decide in this adaptation to tell the story only from the twins’ perspectives. That would leave us to try to infer Jun’s feelings from how he behaves, much like the twins are having to do.

    We get to see a lot of Naori this episode and learn about how huge of a nerd she is. She is making references left and right and coming out with some hot takes about Star Wars and Star Trek. However, there is one opinion that is just objectively correct (@[email protected]):

    Rumi takes it upon herself to set Jun up with her sister, essentially forcing him to ask her out. I think it is pretty clear that he is not over Rumi yet, but respects her desire that he go out with Naori. It is a complicated web of feelings. Rumi even talks with her basketball friend at the end of the episode about how she is still in love with Jun.

    My favorite sequence of this episode was how wild they got with animating Naori’s discussion about fiction with Jun on the escalator. To save some space, I just took a couple screenshots and dropped them behind a spoiler tag.