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  • Does the sethc workaround work in windows 11?

    Anyway, here is a quick explanation of how you do it:

    Use a separate boot to boot up your computer, it is probably easiest to use a Linux live environment with a GUI, like Linux Mint.

    You need to make sure that the local drive is mounted to the live environment, it was a while since I last ran the Linux Mint live environment, but it should auto mount the local drive and put a shortcut on the desktop.

    Go to Windows -> System32 on the local drive.

    Rename the file sethc.exe to sethc.exe.backup then copy cmd.exe file to sethc.exe

    Reboot back into windows.

    You have now created a backdoor into the machine.

    At the logon screen, press the Shift key five times, this normally opens a dialog box about enabling sticky keys, but since we replaced the normal sethc.exe file with a copy of cmd.exe, we will get a command line window, running as administrator, giving us unlimited access to make changes to the computer!

    Now, to reset the admin password we need to use the net user command.

    The syntax is this:

    net user <username> <password>

    So, if you want to set the password for the default Administrator account to “LemmyTest123”, you enter the following:

    net user administrator LemmyTest123

    And press enter.

    The password is now changed.

    However, in some cases this may not be enough to get in as the default Administrator account is disabled.

    Then you also need to enter this command:

    net user administrator /active:yes

    Done, you should now be able to logon as the default admin user.

    Remember, to restore this loophole, you need to boot thw Linux live environment again, go to Windows -> System32, delete the file called sethc.exe and rename the file sethc.exe.backup to sethc.exe

  • When you find it fits your style.

    A general rule of thumb is that if you see the ground, normal photos tend to look better if they are straight rather than angled.

    But if you are doing fashion, macro, or some other style then it can be benefician to angle the camera.

    Photographing highrise buildings against a sky without the ground visible can absolutely be improved by adding an angle, especially if you can capture the sunlight in a cool way by doing it.

    A fashion shoot can absolutely be improved by having SOME angled photos, it can give life to the scene, say that you are taking a photo of a model in a multistory building, you can absolutely get some great photos by shooting down or up through the stairwell at an angle so you can see the model walking up/down the stairs like you only catch a glimpse of them.

    Macro photography has the advantage that you don’t notice the bigger world and you just focus on the small subject, as long as you get the focus right (preferably with a shallow DOF) the angle matters very little.

    If you are concerned about keeping the camera straight, see if you can activate a digital horizon on your camera, I can do that on my old Lumix GX80, but I have not found it on my new Lumix S5.

  • The goodwill and excellent PR that an accurate weather service generates is worth a huge ammount of money which is why private companies want it.

    I remember the Cold War documentary series called “Cold War” (utterly amazing documentary series by the way: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3H6z037pboGWTxs3xGP7HRGrQ5dOQdGc ), in one episode they interviewed the guy running Radio Free Europe who was very clear with how they got listeners from the east was with good solid news and accurate weather forcasts.

    Weather forcasts is probably one of the best sources of content to legitimize propaganda, it is very easy to check, and quickly develop a reputation. There is also zero incentive to embellish the weather report as it will quickly make you look incompetent.